Egg Donation Abroad

When seeking an egg donor outside of Canada, it is really important that you do your research. We are familiar with several reputable clinics in the United States (links below) and have coordinated with these clinics to monitor patients while they are being treated at the centre in the US. We recommend that you visit their web sites and explore which programs may be right for you. Here are two:

The Ottawa Fertility Centre values the health and welfare of egg donors and for this reason we will only work with those clinics who are known to uphold the highest ethical and medical standards with respect to treatment of egg donors and recipients.

The Ottawa Fertility Centre will provide cycle monitoring for women who seek egg donation in the USA where the treating clinic has established a relationship with our centre. It is important that the treating centre and the Ottawa Fertility Centre have a strong relationship in order to ensure effective communication during your treatment cycle. Egg donor recipients should meet with an OFC physician prior to the start of a donor egg cycle in the USA so that both clinics can coordinate the treatment cycle. Recipients will need to sign consent with the OFC prior to starting a cycle. This consent explains the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved.

Whether couples stay in Canada or choose to go abroad for treatment, we highly recommend all patients meet with a counsellor or health psychologist who has experience in the field of assisted reproduction. Dr. Patricia Gervaize is an independent consulting psychologist who is trained in the psychological aspects of third party reproduction. Patients will spend one hour with Dr Gervaize in order to explore the psychosocial ramifications of donating and receiving gametes, but especially as this may relate to children conceived through treatment.Dr Gervaize can be reached at her office in our centre at

The Ottawa Fertility Centre does not require the recipient (or recipient couple, if applicable) to obtain legal counsel before embarking on treatment outside of Canada. However, it is important for patients to seek appropriate legal advice when a third party is involved, either as a donor or surrogate. While we do not endorse any lawyer or legal firm in particular, the following firms have experience with assisted reproduction.

Erin Lepine, LLB – Nelligan, O’Brien, Payne (Ottawa)
Sara Cohen, LLB – Fertility Law Canada (Toronto)
Sherry Levitan, LLB – Fertility Law (Toronto)

  1. Review all treatment options with your fertility specialist and determine that egg donation is the right treatment option for you.
  2. Meet with the health psychologist
  3. Obtain legal advice regarding the egg donation arrangement made outside of the country
  4. Ask your OFC fertility specialist to approve satellite monitoring for your egg donation cycle
  5. Sign consents for satellite monitoring with the fertility specialist prior to the start of treatment

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