Donor Egg Bank USA

Advances in egg freezing technology have enabled a third option for women seeking egg donation. Couples may now select an egg donor in the United States through Donor Egg Bank USA and have eggs transferred to the Ottawa Fertility Centre where they can undergo the procedure close to home. Women and couples have been importing donor sperm for many years, but the practice of selecting and importing donated eggs through an egg bank is only recently possible.

The Ottawa Fertility Centre values the health and welfare of egg donors and for this reason we will only work with those clinics who are known to uphold the highest ethical and medical standards with respect to treatment of egg donors. Donor Egg Bank USA has met our high standards for quality, safety and ethical behaviour and we are happy to refer patients to them for selection of potential egg donors.

Donor Egg Bank USA offers two options for women considering egg donation:

  • Single Cycle
  • Assured Refund with up to six cycles

For more information about Donor Egg Bank USA and options available to you through them, please visit their web site. We encourage patients to speak with their fertility specialist at the Ottawa Fertility Centre to determine which option is best for them. We also encourage patients to speak with a health psychologist about egg donation prior to embarking on this journey.

The recipient and her partner (if applicable) are required to meet with a counsellor or health psychologist prior to the start of treatment. Dr. Patricia Gervaize is an independent consulting psychologist who is trained in the psychological aspects of third party reproduction and is available to meet with patients considering egg donation. Patients will spend one hour with Dr Gervaize where they will explore the psychosocial ramifications of donating and receiving gametes, especially as this may relate to children conceived through treatment. Dr Gervaize can be reached at her office in our centre at

The Ottawa Fertility Centre does not require the recipient (or recipient couple, if applicable) to obtain legal counsel before embarking on a donor egg cycle using eggs transferred from Donor Egg Bank USA. However, it is important for patients to seek appropriate legal advice when a third party is involved, either as a donor or surrogate. While we do not endorse any lawyer or legal firm in particular, the following lawyers have experience with assisted reproduction.

Erin Lepine, LLB – Nelligan, O’Brien, Payne (Ottawa)
Sara Cohen, LLB – Fertility Law Canada (Toronto)
Sherry Levitan, LLB – Fertility Law (Toronto)

Patients should familiarize themselves as much as possible with the information provided by Donor Egg Bank USA and discuss any questions they have about the program with the Egg Bank and/or with their OFC physician

DEB USA Web Site
DEB USA Financial Guide
OFC Flip chart

Here is a general outline of steps involved when using Donor Egg bank USA…

  • Review all treatment options with your fertility specialist and determine that egg donation is the right treatment option for you.
  • Investigate egg donation options available to you as outlined on our web site
  • Review all on line information about the programs offered by Donor Egg Bank USA
  • Meet with a health psychologist – a requirement before the start to treatment. We encourage patients to meet with the health psychologist as early as possible in the process  as he/she can be a helpful resource
  • Make a preliminary selection of your egg donor using the DEB USA portal. If you selected the Assured Refund plan, your fertility specialist will need to complete a questionnaire prior to your acceptance into the program
  • Make a final selection of your egg donor with Donor Egg Bank USA. Patients should not make a final selection if there are any lingering questions. Rather, we recommend that patients is best to book an appointment with your fertility specialist prior to making a final commitment on an egg donor.
  • Meet with your OFC physician to sign Consent forms.
  • Your egg donor cycle may start once your eggs have been received by the clinic

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