April 14 – Ministry Funded Fertility Program Update

The Ministry of Health & Long Term Care (MOHLTC) Funded Fertility Program at the Ottawa Fertility Centre has been running since December 2015. The implementation of this funded program has been a priority of OFC and several changes have been implemented for wait listing our patients and preparing patients for treatment within the program. These changes have been designed to improve access to the funded IVF waiting list, reduce unnecessary appointments, and better communicate regarding the funded program. OFC completed the April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 funding year and are proceeding with scheduling treatment cycles in the new budget year of April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018.

As a patient, here is some important information to review and understand:

1) You must be a patient at OFC and your OFC physician must determine IVF is the right treatment for you before your name can be added onto the Funded IVF waiting list at OFC (waiting lists between clinics are not transferrable).

2) The current waiting time for Funded IVF at OFC is approximately 1 year (+/-3 months). Waiting time variances are due to many unpredictable reasons such as patients becoming pregnant while on the waiting list or choosing to delay treatment once their name has come up. We cannot be more precise in predicting your potential treatment timelines, however we will contact you 3 months prior to treatment for preparation.

3) Since the MOHLTC’s Funded IVF Program is for women < 43 years of age, there is a risk for patients close to or over 42 years of age that they may turn 43 prior to their name coming up on the Funded IVF waiting list and therefore becoming ineligible for the Funded IVF Program.

4) If your name comes up on the Funded IVF waiting list, you cannot hold this spot indefinitely. For proper cycle planning and allocation, patients are requested to be prepared for receipt of their IVF treatment cycle when they are notified that their name is up on the list. If you are unable to proceed through treatment within a reasonable amount of time as determined by your OFC physician, you will be placed at the bottom of the list.

5) Funded IUI Cycles are not restricted per patient and there is no waiting list; however, the Funded IUI budget is not infinite and therefore could run out prior to the end of the fiscal year. If the budget runs out patients will be instructed of their options which can include either waiting to receive funded treatment in the new fiscal year or choosing to pay per service required within the IUI treatment cycle.

We appreciate being able to offer the Ontario Funded Fertility Program at our centre, and we value our patient’s feedback regarding the delivery of the program. Please let our office know if we can improve your experience or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

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