Monthly Archives: April 2017

April 14 – Ministry Funded Fertility Program Update

The Ministry of Health & Long Term Care (MOHLTC) Funded Fertility Program at the Ottawa Fertility Centre has been running since December 2015. The implementation of this funded program has been a priority of OFC and several changes have been implemented for wait listing our patients and preparing patients for treatment within the program. These changes have been designed to improve access to

April 11 – Updated Zika Virus Statement

“Zika continues to be prevalent and there are still travel-related cases of Zika virus being reported in Canada from travelers returning from countries with ongoing Zika virus outbreaks. In particular, two USA states have been confirmed to have locally transmitted Zika virus cases in both Florida and Texas. As OFC has been advised by CDC, any state with active Zika within one of its cities w

April 5 – Fertility Yoga Program Final Class Notice


For over two and a half years, we have been pleased to offer complimentary Fertility Yoga to our patients and the infertility community at large. This has been an incredibly successful program that has benefited hundreds of patients. The OFC team has truly enjoyed being able to support our community in this way.

Going forward, we have decided to invest in other programs to benefit a

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