Since December 21, 2015 the Ottawa Fertility Centre (OFC) has been implementing the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care’s (MOHLTC) new publicly funded fertility treatment program, also known as Ontario’s Fertility Program. We have a few important updates for our patients:

1) OFC does not currently have a wait list for patients to access the funded IUI program. Although Ontario’s Fertility Program only allocates a certain number of funded treatment cycles per clinic per year, we are pleased to currently have capacity for patients presently seeking IUI treatment.

2) OFC is managing the funded IVF program by maintaining a consistent first-come-first-serve wait list (OFC’s Funded IVF Wait List). We will continue to offer treatment as per the criteria set out in Ontario’s Fertility Program in the order in which patients have placed their names on OFC’s Funded IVF Wait List. Priority on OFC’s Funded IVF Wait List will only be given to patients seeking fertility preservation for medical reasons, such as cancer patients preparing to undergo fertility-impacting treatment.

3) We require IVF education, via a consent video and quiz to be completed prior to patients putting their name on OFC’s Funded IVF Wait List. This is to ensure our patients have an understanding of IVF process, as well as the risks versus the benefits.

4) The following patient populations may access Ontario’s Fertility Program and will be added to OFC’s Funded IVF Wait List:

  • Females undergoing an egg retrieval (for own use or as an egg donor);
  • Patients using frozen eggs or embryos from a previous egg retrieval cycle;
  • Patients using a single batch of donated eggs or embryos.

5) Currently OFC’s Funded IVF Wait List has grown to be approximately nine to twelve months. Since there are many factors that affect our ability to give wait times associated with a place on the waitlist, we are not able to provide exact waiting times. At the time patients place their name on the list, they will be given an estimated wait time. Patients will be called for their IVF consent signing appointment approximately three months prior to beginning their funded IVF treatment.

6) Ontario’s Fertility Program IVF criteria includes an age restriction of less than 43 years of age. Since OFC’s Funded IVF Wait List is approximately nine to twelve months, anyone added to the list 42 years of age or over will be advised that it is unlikely they will be able to received funded IVF treatment. If they do still choose to place their name on OFC’s Funded IVF Wait List and they turn 43 years of age before their name comes up, they will not be able to receive funded IVF treatment through Ontario’s Fertility Program.

7) As a result of the increase in volume due to the funding program there may be a delay for private patient paid cycles of IVF and frozen embryo transfers (FET’s). The weekly volume restrictions are in place to ensure laboratory quality and safety. Both funded and private patient paid FET cycles will experience the same wait time for the receipt of their treatment.

If you are not currently on OFC’s Funded IVF Wait List but would like to be, please book an appointment with your OFC physician. If you have not been seen by an OFC physician within the past year or are not yet a patient at OFC, you will need a referral from your regular physician.


The OFC Team

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