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OCTOBER 8 – UPDATE on Ontario IVF Funding at OFC

This Q & A outlines the most current information we have about Ontario’s IVF Funding Program. Please review carefully. If it has not answered your question(s), please email

Frequently Asked Questions

How will OFC prioritize patients for funded IVF cycles?

We have established a waitlist. To be on the waitlist, you must have completed your consent

October 1 – Government of Ontario IVF Funding Announcement

IVF Funding in Ontario

On October 1, 2015, the Minister of Health issued a press release announcing that the government will fund one IVF cycle per eligible patient starting in December 2015. See the full press release here. Details of this program have yet to be released to Ontario fertility centres. In the mean time, we understand that patients are eager to see how this announcement w

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