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October 18 – Trying to Conceive Lecture: Single Mothers & Fertility Preservation

Trying to Conceive: Insights into an Emotional Journey

This 7 part series will be presented by Dr. Patricia Gervaize, OFC’s Reproductive Health Psychologist, and is complementary for all patients.

The Goal of the Series:
The journey to fertility is filled with emotional challenges and concerns, all within a context of feeling isolated in a world of easily fertile people. The purpose of

IVF Funding Update: Ontario and Quebec Patients

June Newsletter Update: 

Unfortunately, there is no new information regarding Ontario’s Funding Program. However, we do know that Quebec’s bill 20 is currently being reviewed by the legislature and that we expect concrete answers this month. We know now that women over 42 will be able to seek treatment in Quebec.


May Newsletter Update: 

Ontario: The province remains

Doctor Profile: Dr. Arthur Leader

BA, MD, FRCSC, husband and father, OFC Director of Research

How many years have you been working at OFC?

As a founding partner, I have worked at the OFC since we opened in 2006. We left the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital to build a first-class centre for comprehensive infertility services for our patients under one roof.

Why did you decide to become a fertility specialist?


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