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IVF Funding in Canada: A Changing Landscape

For Canadian fertility patients, particularly those in Ontario and Quebec, 2014 has been eventful. In April, Ontario Health Minister Deb Mathews announced that an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) funding program would be implemented in Ontario. After the general election, the policy was confirmed. This was followed by the introduction of Bill 20 in November in Quebec. Residents of the province wer

Better…Better…Better…OFC goes LEAN!

Have you ever had an experience at a store, a restaurant or a business where you were completely blown away with the level of quality, service and attention you received? Perhaps you visited a restaurant where the host knew you by name and seated you at your favourite table without you having to ask. Your server approached you immediately and knew your favourite items on the menu. The food

Fertility Connect has Launched to Optimize Patient Experience

From August 2013 to January 2014, we surveyed our patients and facilitated focus groups on a variety of topics related to care, treatment and experience at OFC. We learned that we were doing a good job – 94% of patients are satisfied with the care they received at OFC. We were also proud to learn that 99% of our patients feel that OFC conducts its’ services in an ethical and fair manner.

OFC in the Community

Year round the team at OFC takes on a number of community initiatives, and the fall and holiday seasons are no exception. This October, members of our team participated in the Food Sorting Challenge at the Ottawa Foodbank, raising a $300 by hosting a bake sale in order to help feed less fortunate families in the Ottawa area during the holidays. In December, you can join forces with the OFC team

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